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The Mystery of Soul

All living beings in this world have a soul. It is the self aware essence which generates life positive feelings. The essence of soul is a reflection of your own identity. A human may die but his soul is immortal and will continue living. The journey of the soul is endless. A body may wear and tear or get tired, but the soul continues its journey through al difficulties to reveal the reality of love, power, wisdom and peace.


Chinese Astrology

Chinese AstrologyChinese Mind Reading- It’s interesting how every civilization in the world has its own interpretations of the factors that influence our lives and our characters. In the west people look at the planetary positions and the zodiac sign that you belong to in order to determine these characteristics about our nature.


Astrology and Sun

The energetic Sun, if well placed in a horoscope, gives reputation and dignified position to the native. Strong and robust physical structure, stern skeleton, strong will-power and self-dependence are the boons of the Sun. Sun creates interest and enhances attraction of the native towards golden/gold-made ornaments, red colored attire, chilly & spicy dishes, leadership and governance or administration.


Astrology-Sun and Moon

Astrology is an ancient divination that studies the position of the sun, moon and the planets in the twelve zodiac positions at the exact moment of a person birth so as to be able to predict the person future. Astrology studies the movements of these planets and the effect they have on human behavior. However, this is a more simplistic definition of Astrology; it contains much more in depth aspects and is more complicated than it seems.



AstrologyAstrology is the science of the effects of the planet movements on our lives and all things. Astrology is based on astronomy in that astrologers need to know the correct positions of the planets at any given time, as well as the correct positions of the zodical fixed star signs in relation to any place on earth at any given time.

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