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Obesity is fast emerging as a health hazard. A large number of people, all over the world, suffer from it. It is an abnormal condition of the body caused by neglecting the nature. It can occur at any age in either sex.


Alive Embodiments

What is a divine discourse?
Have you ever thought of this? What is it that makes you interested in having it.
You have to first understand ‘discourse’ or ‘dis-course’ which may mean that this is a state wherein things are out of course or it implies to this course.


Diet And Nutrition

Well I guess you have to admit that looking good feels good! People turn around to look at you and that in it self is an ego booster! There are many emotional considerations involved with dieting. Starving, binging, relationships, self-image, health complications, loneliness, and even depression are all arms of the same octopus.


Health Hazards in a BPO Call Center

Mind Body Soul Erosion Of 24/7 Genext
With the advent of technology, the new boom in the current scenario is Call Center and BPO business which is rapidly mushrooming in every part of the country. The boom has been fuelled by 24/7 society allowing us to access the telephone and banks at every hour of the day.


Healthy Hair

Health of the hair totally depends on the blood circulation and nutrition. Protein-which makes hair, is necessary for its growth and repairs. A low protein diet can change the texture of the hair making it dull, lifeless and thinning.

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