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Dance Your Way to Life

We are all caught in a whirlpool of non stop activity. From dawn to dusk our body, mind and soul is quashed under extreme pressures of hard core work. This means extreme burnout of the three most beautiful gifts to mankind.


The Foods Your Body Will Love

When was the last time you actually devoured a food group and relished its each and every morsel. In this world of fast paced thinking and action, we are all very much caught up in the wrong eating habits. So much that we start taking food for granted.


Pregnancy and Yoga-The Supreme Connection

Pregnancy is the most desirable stage for woman. It is that phase in which she takes the place of God. Giving birth to another human is the most blissful thing for her. Pregnancy requires a mother to be fit both mental and physically.


Yoga the Purest Science

Human Beings live in illusion- illusion of hope, future and tomorrow. Man cannot lead life with the reality - he needs dreams, he needs illusion, he needs to exist. Very deep understanding should be there without which entry into the inquiry is not possible which is called YOGA.



You set in the clinic to get yourself checked from the gynae. And voila Happy news. You are pregnant. The joy of the news is unexplainable. A fast gushing feel rushes inside you and you are on cloud nine. Just when the woman leaves her paternal home and comes in her husband's home, starts off a new birth for her.

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