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Meditate On Your Organs

Everywhere in the world, people are aware that healthy eating, excessive eating, and the food that contains a lot of animal fat, gives the look of a reddish tinge but the fact may be different. By this habit of eating they may be putting lot of pressure on their organs, heart, kidneys, liver, and the stomach.


Finesse Healing

I would like a share a beautiful experience that I went through recently connected with some healings that I underwent called Finesse healings (this is what Deepak Hardikar called these healings.. don’t know anything of this any further than this name):



Do you know Homeopathic physicians spend twice as much time with their patients, order half as many lab -oratory tests and procedures, and prescribe fewer drugs. Since treatment of chronic illness accounts for a large proportion of health care expenditures, the cost-effectiveness of homeopathic medicine should be investigated by comparing homeopathy with conventional treatments for specific chronic illnesses such as recurrent childhood ear infections, allergies, arthritis, headaches, depression, and asthma.



irdologyIridology is the study and analysis of the constitution of the iris. The iris is the eyeball. According to iridology this portion of the eye reveals the general health of an individual along with his intrinsic strengths and weaknesses alone.


YOGA - The Secret of Timeless Beauty

Heal your Body with Yoga

Have you ever wondered how our mothers or even grandmothers have flawless complexions to mesmerize with their impeccable glow and warmth on their face. Little do we know that the secret lies in their simplistic and holistic beauty regime, which does not include expensive beauty treatments enough to burn a hole in your pocket.

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