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It's official: Men are obsessed with sex, hide their emotions, and cheat

London, Apr 1 (ANI): Expert Dr Louann Brizendine has dived inside a man's mind and confirmed what most women long suspected: men are obsessed with sex, hide their emotions, and cheat.

According to Brizendine, testosterone causes the "man trance", where blokes have to stare at boobs, reports The Daily Star.


Agenda for Environment

People living in Indian cities need no introduction to the pollution and degrading environment . Pollution of water and air, alarming noise levels, mushrooming of slums, accumulation of solid waste and increased deposits of smog in the human body are unfortunate reminders of the modernization and development gone haywire.


Why Disown Mother Natures Call

SunriseWe all know God is our father but who is our mother? Good gracious we are forgetting her… Yes of course she is our Mother Earth. Day in and day out, we prostate before our Father praying “Our Father in heaven, holy be your name”.


Will My Worthy Sons Rise To Save The Mother Earth

First thing to announce is every full Moon day as the Sun energy day though the Sun energy is available 24 / 7. King Solomon the founder of masons said the Sun is meridian time as Sun is shining always in some part of the world at all times.



Environment The Life of Mother Earth

Set up an international body like UNO and invite all countries to join. Request every human being on Earth to participate their bit to save the Planet Mother Earth.

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