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Weight Watchers-don't Binge

How many times have you begun the first day of the New Year with a solemn resolution to always focus on healthy eating; but the moment the sun sets down you begin to forget your resolution and leave behind your resolution.

Your will power is soon tested when you are asked for a pizza while going out with friends. And the moment you have a second thought you forget everything and head for the yummy pizza. Therefore it is easy to start off than to continue. People often give away with healthy eating because of emotional eating too. A feeling of emptiness and inability of handling difficult situations makes easy for bingeing. The person who had once started on a positive note is soon backing on square one and feels more depressed. However few of things to be kept in mind Is what the weight watchers need to know. They are:

  • It is highly essential to focus on what you are eating the whole day. This can be tracked down by maintaining a food journal. This would help you to understand how much you ate and what quantity you ate.

  • Making yourself alert about your advances towards food. Is it merely hunger or just a reason to kill a time or maybe emotional eating.

  • Practicing Yoga, Pranayam which is a powerful breathing exercise helps to release endorphins. They help to calm your nerves and bring stability in your body and mind thus making it cool and focused.

  • Getting yourself massaged helps to balance your body's natural element and makes you feel lighter and de-toxied.

  • Trying meditation. This is a powerful tool to help you remain calm.

  • Joining activity centers like aerobics to enjoy while being on the move while sweating out and also keep your mind away from food.

Emotional eating is often done when the person has no specific interest in life. He is looking for food to satisfy his soul whereas he can never be satiated. The more you eat the more you will feel hungry. These people live for food and nothing else. Inability to handle pressure often leads to misconceptions of feeling tired due to lack of food. This is just a myth. We should understand that stress often wears us down and food makes us feeling more tired and lethargic. Often a small problem seems like a mountain for them and they feel unable to battle it. So, they rush to the kitchen to soothe their nerves. BUT this is not the answer as it may make matters worse and leave you hungry for more.

A few simple steps to make you feel grounded and satisfies are as mains:

  • Deep breathing is the best answer to it. This can not just elevate your mood but refresh you as well. If there is someone responsible for this pent up stress try shaking him out of your mind and feel relaxed.

  • Be in the moment. Enjoy your present and forget you're past and present. Rather soak yourself in the delicious aroma of the nature which is always there beside you.

  • Several experiences bring along different reactions in the body. Experience the pain or emotions in your body and let go off it by focusing on the pain and imagining that you are dragging a heavy rock out of your life

Losing weight is not such a difficult task. One should understand that it is not jut one day to watch your weight but an every day process. So, the sooner you stop bingeing, the sooner you'll lose weight. One should also show some respect towards him. It is a matter of what you feel towards yourself that is going to help people in what they fell about you. So, the journey of watching your weight should be a spiritual one where you need to have introspection. One must understand that things begun need not always end right. So, you should keep trying unless you succeed. You should never feel tomorrow to start and not today. Never leave thing for tomorrow because they will always start.

The results of this dedicated run for fitness are amazing. Not just one finds weight loss but he also manages to have a good self image. A dedicated approach and self belief are the only ingredients required for a healthy start. Promise yourself to remain that way forever.