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Women Entrepreneurs

The ladder of success
Recently Indira Vishnampet , The CEO and founder of Hydus, Inc. (Houston) a solutions provider in enterprise integration and enterprises data management_ has been rewarded as the Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur for the year 2007 for her professional achievements.


Heal Yourself Naturaly

We all get unwell at some time or the other. It can be due to several reasons. The main culprit could be a mismanaged or uncoordinated body. When the body is not in sync with the environment, it would lead to trouble.


Crystal Healing

Crystals and stones remained a source of fascination for everyone since ages. Some people used it for decorative purposes and kings and the elite used it in their crowns and other body parts.


Environment The Life of Mother Earth

Set up an international body like UNO and invite all countries to join. Request every human being on Earth to participate their bit to save the Planet Mother Earth.


Astral Projection

astralAND THEN I LEFT MY BODY AND MOVED ON......Have you ever experienced a deep melancholy mood say almost like a trance. You stay physically in a place but yet feel like been somewhere else? Simply put this is what astral projection is all about. In astral projection the astral body leaves the physical.

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