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Two Percent Own Half the Worlds Wealth

A study published by the United Nation's Development Research Institute found that the world's total wealth including real praperty and financial assets is owned by 2 % people. This wealth is heavily concentrated in USA, Europe and some Asia Pacific countries.


Your Marriage is in Your Hands

The day you finalize your wedding date, wedded bliss and happily ever after is all that you can think of. No negative feelings or failures at any point even touch your mind for a single moment.


Bravest Deserve the Best-Myth

Many kings have been cowards and dependent on their generals, but still deserved the best. One does not have to be Alexander the great or Ashoka the great or Genghis khan to be brave.



Thoughts Jungle

Mind is wild. Mind is an infinite jungle of irrational, illogical thoughts. It is a mad, mad mad house and uncertain.
Thoughts take me from past to future and back and forth without any logic. At same level it is goals, ideas, desires, concepts, ambitions and uncertainty or certainty of future.


Passions Do Not Require A Holiday

If you make your passion or your hobby, as your or business, you will actually never need a holiday in your life. However holidays are important and fun to relax .

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