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World Peace - Laughter Connection

DECEMBER 4 is the World laughter day since last 4 yeras announced by a group of people for the world peace and prosperity - being practiced in India - Maha Maya Ananta and Sri Sri Virat Sri- Sant Lal Chugh Foundation ,New Delhi 110065   .

The laughter is best symbol of peace and properity in the Universe .

Only we the human beings have the Gods power to laugh who actually laughs through and gets thrilled on his fun and entertainment .


May Peace Prevail on Earth

We are capable of creating a Universe full of energy of Love , Peace and happiness around ourselves .

We must pray every day and fix a World time in a manner that the 6 Billion plus people on the Planet Mother Earth are able pray simultaneously at the same time .




Love from Within

Love is eternal. It does not rest on any belief. It happens on its own. It needs no condition. Above all, love is blind. All these phrases are not just words. They are heart felt and experiences that people share. It does not require a set of two good eyes to fall in love. It is from within where there is no discrimination on grounds of caste, religion or moral values.


Love Yourself First Then Others

We usually spend a major part of our life running after the people who we really crave for. What we don't realize is the importance of the life we live in. We take you for granted and forget everything in respect to our growth. In the blind race of money and power we forget who we are.


Mirror The Real Live Guru Who Does Not Lie

Mirror             of Life

Mirror! Mirror! On the wall, who is the fairest of them all. At the unexpected reply “Snow white”, bitterness and battering of the queen became Snow white’s destiny. But that was a fairy tale with an eventual happy ending for her. But what about real people like us. What does the mirror say, when we look into it. Mirrors never lie, be it fairy tale or reality. It reflects exactly the way you stand before it.

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