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Your View-Your World

True to every detail, it is actually right to phrase this term. Our own small world is created by the way we think. to live we have to change our thoughts.


Attitude-Mind Over Matter

In this cosmic Planet where we live, our lives are determined by how we react to things. Our attitude dominates our life in several ways. It can even change our destiny. A thought process going on in one mind can be controlled by another mind through the mind body n soul aerial. This can lead to a universal state in the entire universe. Our attitude is one of the most important factor in channel sing our energies.


Reward Yourself the Right Way

Have you ever wondered that You as a human being toil day in and day out to give your self and your family the best. That no matter how unwell you are you somehow manage to complete the deadlines of your work and even take your wife out shopping or treat your husband a gourmet dinner. But in spite of all these dedicated inputs of work, do you ever get rewarded for what you have done.





MeditationThe basic idea behind meditation is to rejuvenate and revitalize our six sense organs. Meditation can be considered a technique, or practice. Meditation is a practice that is specific to one individual. Only that person can understand the significance and it's effect on one self.



yantraIf a mantra is the invsible driving force, the yantra is often the visible means to gain power, wealth, ward off evil, ward off illnesses, nullify the ill effects of planets, bring you luck in love, enhance your capabilities -- the range is truly vast. Yantras are sometimes made up of numbers, sometimes of a certain set of symbols, sometimes of mantras.

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