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The basic idea behind meditation is to rejuvenate and revitalize our six sense organs. Meditation can be considered a technique, or practice. Meditation is a practice that is specific to one individual. Only that person can understand the significance and it's effect on one self.

Experiences during meditation vary significantly from one individual to another. Meditation leaves you with relaxed mental status and clear mental status as to how one want to think and live. How is meditation different from relaxation, thinking, concentration? Relaxation: Relaxation is a common by-product of meditation. Relaxation itself can assume many forms, such as taking a hot bath or reclining in your couch. Meditation is an active process where the mediator remains fully aware of what the awareness is doing. Relaxation does not involve a self implicated restrained on thought process, but meditation is an evoking of the power of keeping all your senses in control.


Positive Thinking Women Winners in Life

Women are the pillars of the house. A house made of weak pillars is hard to survive; similarly a house with positive thinkers is a house of harmony and happiness. The most important member of the house is the woman of the house.

She needs to a personification of strength and strength on order to make her household steadfast like a rock. A positive thinker always tends to look at a situation in full light and ignoring the negativities of life. Often there are households we hear have that are ruined due to the wife. Her extravagant ways, her screaming and shouting at the family often zeroes the happiness of the house. She is herself unhappy from within.


Wordld Needs India's Mystic Powers

There was an article on the 26th of October 2006, in HT, New Delhi: Mystified World needs Mystic India. There is a huge global following of Indian spiritual gurus. The rest of the world, especially the western world is highly materialistic where as India is a spiritual power house .


The Side Effects of Summer

Summers are here to stay. Its arrival seems endless. With people waiting for a slight drizzle, the worries and woes of their skin problems never tend to cease.


Your Marriage is in Your Hands

The day you finalize your wedding date, wedded bliss and happily ever after is all that you can think of. No negative feelings or failures at any point even touch your mind for a single moment.

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