Home Body Therapy


Sex Therapy

sex-therapyGender was created by Nature for her own purpose. Men are creatures of ambition, and women are creatures of emotion. Yes, women can have ambition, and yes men can have emotions.


Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy uses essential oils, that are the distilled essences of herbs, plants, flowers and trees. These oils smell wonderful and are a pleasure to use. It's this smell that usually attracts people to them for treating a variety of physical and mental conditions, from skin infections to stress.


Polarity Therapy

Dr.Randolph2 Stone is the founder of polarity therapy. He was a chiropractor, a naturopath and an osteopath. Taken in by the effectiveness of the previously mentioned medical traditions, he wanted to discover the life force behind all.


Water Therapy

Fresh pure water. Sounds like music to my ears. Ever come back home on a hot day and wanted a long tall glass of chilled water. I'm sure you have! Nothing compares to fresh pure water to quench your thirst.


Weight Training

All of us in our lives have looked at the beautiful bodies in 'Bay watch' and felt a pang of jealousy. Do you think that those six pack stomach. Those well contoured backside. Those lean muscular arms. Came as a present from GOD. I didn't think so.

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