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Now Celebrate Your Now


Celebrations of LifeThe entire paradox of life is summed up in the above lines. “Present” that means something which is there NOW, the current moment. It is also synonymous with “GIFT”. From this pun emerges the grandest truth of life that each and every moment of your life is a gift, a present to be cherished and the fact that we have infinite such gifts is a reason good enough for eternal celebration of life.


Now Time at Your Command


Time Passing ByWhat if somebody told you that you could increase the amount of time, like have 27 or 28 hours instead of 24. It would be a boon to most of us as more often than not 24 hours fall short for our over load of work.


Oxygen could be less, but theres enough joy in the air

Joy, happiness, exuberance, or call it by any other name, the sound of laughter resonates all around us. On a leisurely stroll in a park, I saw a group of vociferous young boys outside the garden. There boisterous laughter caught my attention.


Journey of the Awakened Soul

Life in its given embodiment is the vehicle through which the soul undertakes a journey of fulfilling the registration of all the needed experiences necessary for its own evolution or self-realization taking itself in to merge itself with the single universal soul.