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Entrepreneurs - Money - Law Schools

Entrepreneurs , money and law schools have a great connection in today's fast track technology oriented liberalised economic system in which we all live .
It is a game of mind .
Every thing in the Universe - COSMOS is a game of  mind .
Lawyers , law schools have a great role in today's life .
The rulers who created the Democracy and freedom of speech actually gave every human being the power to protect himself .


Insurance Against Negative Thoughts

Break the Spell of Self-Limiting Negative States
The next time (and every time) you catch some negative thought or feeling that says, "I am anxious," "I am scared," "I am mad," or "I am in so much pain"


Life Insurance All Around

Today’s World Scenario requires every one to have comprehensive security all around .


This includes


1. Health , foods , medicines , exercise , good night’s sleep , sex time to yourself , meditation , social physical and mental well being.


Pennies V/s Pounds

There are two kinds of people like you see below . What kind are you . Check below , Wealth creation , Financial ,Material success to Pound wise penny foolish . Start creating Wealth now . Wealth wisper money shouts . Money is a step towards Wealth . Create Wealth , Wealth , Wealth and Wealth and spread love , peace , joy and happiness all around in the Universe . 21st March tomorrow is World Hug day . Hug your loved ones and show your pure and divine love on them . Part I Penny wise pound foolish Pound wise penny foolish.



Habits - A Boon or Bane

Have you ever wondered why the body always obeys the brain. Our body is influenced by the right side of the brain; therefore any command given to it is completed .The commands are also coined as Habits. Habits form a personality. They can be good or bad. It completely depends on the person which habit he/she must take up. Good habits are also called the right way to live. Right from the way of living to the choices one person makes, it reflects a personality.


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