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Miracles of Life

When was the last time you realized that you had hurt yourself but the pain gets disappeared within a few days without applying anything. These healings have not been explained by medical sciences or researches. They can be categorized as miracles. Hoping or praying that the wound get healed an immensely powerful positive energy is generated. Surprisingly, your wishes are granted and the wound disappears. This is a miracle.


An enchanting Journey Coorg

What does a person always thrive for? Happiness!! In this world of fast foods and fast paced life we are forgetting the quality of living. A place to rest and bring time to a stand still is Coorg!!


Heal Yourself Naturaly

We all get unwell at some time or the other. It can be due to several reasons. The main culprit could be a mismanaged or uncoordinated body. When the body is not in sync with the environment, it would lead to trouble.


Crystal Healing

Crystals and stones remained a source of fascination for everyone since ages. Some people used it for decorative purposes and kings and the elite used it in their crowns and other body parts.


Self Healing

selfhealing Well, for starters, we should talk about what the aura is, and how the various schools of thought view it. The common view of the aura is some sort of glow that surrounds all objects.

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