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Conquer Fear

ACTION DEFEATS FEAR- ACTION CURES FEAR- RISE ABOVE YOUR FEARS AND GROW FEARLESS, face the fear and the death of fear is a certainly.
There are two kinds of natural fears while a human being is born.

  1. The fear of falling.

  2. The fear of noise.


Astral Projection

astralAND THEN I LEFT MY BODY AND MOVED ON......Have you ever experienced a deep melancholy mood say almost like a trance. You stay physically in a place but yet feel like been somewhere else? Simply put this is what astral projection is all about. In astral projection the astral body leaves the physical.



SpirtualismWhat is Spiritualism? Is it a religion? Is it a science? Is it a philosophy? Does it deal with the living or the dead? Is Spiritualism a concept indigenous to modern minds, or does it have its roots buried deeply within ancient mysteries?





Dear All,
At this stage of our movement, we all need to get the basics well implanted within us. Only this implantation within each and every one of us shall make our foundation strong. Only this strong foundation can create the possibility of building up a beautiful structure from every such position, place and level where the foundation is strong.


Positive Thinking Life Quotes

"If we think happy thoughts, we will be happy. If we think miserable thoughts, we will be miserable."
- Dale Carnegie

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