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Laser Hair Removal-Get Rid of Undesirable Hair

Laser Hair Removal

For centuries women have been battling with excess hair on their body which includes under arms, facial hair, legs, pubic hair and so on


Implants and Breastfeeding

Implants and Breasts

Implants and Breast Feeding: Most Common Myth Busted Here!!
Before I tell you most common myth relating to breast implants and breast feeding, let me tell you what exactly breast implant is and why is it done.


Between the Sheets of Power

Sleeping with power is the closest some women can get to acquiring it themselves. That may explain why men like Silvio Berlusconi become sexual magnets for younger women


If a powerful man exists, there’s got to be a woman somewhere waiting to sleep with him. Power is surely the most potent aphrodisiac in the world, as is evident from the numbers of beautiful women who gravitate towards powerful men.


Spa-Equipments - Addictions


Spa equipments are becoming more and more sought after . Thanks to awareness in the world about the health . There are many kinds of  spa-equipments and many companies around the world competing with each other .


It's official: Men are obsessed with sex, hide their emotions, and cheat

London, Apr 1 (ANI): Expert Dr Louann Brizendine has dived inside a man's mind and confirmed what most women long suspected: men are obsessed with sex, hide their emotions, and cheat.

According to Brizendine, testosterone causes the "man trance", where blokes have to stare at boobs, reports The Daily Star.

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